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What Can Fitness Programs for Kids Do for You

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In 30 days it is possible for your child to have more
energy and increase his or her self esteem. 

My fitness programs for kids will give your child a healthy body. Remember that when your child is healthy, he or she
will have more muscle and bone mass, less body fat, improved sleep, and a faster metabolism.

You as a parent will know that you have done the biggest
part in changing the old habits.  Now you are on the path of
helping your child achieve a healthier life.

This can only happen when you have a program that
best fits your child’s needs. 

Regardless of your child’s current physical condition and busy schedule, I can help your child achieve his or her fitness goals. 

Give me the opportunity to teach your child how to get better control over his or her physical body, health, and mind.

Why My Fitness Programs Are Different?

My fitness programs for kids have a unique approach that allows me to address children’s special needs; such as, decreasing body fat, improving muscle and bone mass, increasing the ability to perform work with less fatigue, increasing metabolism, and increasing endurance which makes the heart stronger.

My programs are for children of all ages and different lifestyles.   The children will get simple strategies and tactics that will change their body composition and at the same time will give them a positive attitude.

How Can Fitness Programs for Kids Also Help Obese Children?

I also offer programs for obese children because I believe that obesity in children and teenagers is a serious matter of public concern today.  This is a problem that continues into their adult lives.  I love to create an attitude of prevention in parents; so that, we can reduce the impact of this obesity epidemic in the future.

According to the American Obesity Association (AOA) the Causes of Childhood Obesity are:

• Physical Activity - Lack of regular exercise.
• Sedentary behavior - High frequency of television viewing, computer usage, and similar behavior that takes up time that can be used for physical activity.
• Socioeconomic Status - Low family incomes and non-working parents.
• Eating Habits - Over-consumption of high-calorie foods. Some eating patterns that have been associated with this behavior are eating when not hungry, eating while watching TV or doing homework.
• Environment - Some factors are over-exposure to advertising of foods that promote high-calorie foods and lack of recreational facilities.

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