Nohelia Siddons Fitness and Mind



Aida :
"I feel so good with Nohelia’s workout.  Since I have been on it my body feels stronger and I look a few years younger.  I have lost fifteen pounds in less than 7 weeks, whereas before I had pain all over my body, I could not walk upright.  Now I fell like a young, energetic girl.  I thank God and Nohelia because I got the motivation to keep myself going."

"When I started with Nohelia’s program I was 122 pounds and I did not know what to do with myself because I was full of cellulite all over my lower body.  After about six weeks my body began to change and the extra fat around my legs and glutes started to disappear.  As a result of Nohelia’s program I’m 110 pounds and today I have incredible abdominals; my legs look better."

"When I first started with my personal trainer I thought her expectations for my body were too high.  I had very little energy and motivation.  Now after a few sessions with Nohelia I noticed  my stamina and endurance have improved.  I feel more enthusiastic, energetic, and my body feels different.  I sense that my body’s shape is changing and I have Nohelia’s training program to thank for it."

"Nohelia has been my instructor for over one month and I can’t explain how happy I am due to the fact that I have lost 12 pounds in less than six weeks.  What’s more, my body is getting toned every day.  This workout program gives me, as a cancer survivor, the drive to lift my spirits up.  If you are looking for a change I recommend you invest your time in this program.

Today I am so happy when I look at myself in the mirror.  I see a beautiful woman who never gave up and is much stronger now.  All in all it has been a blessing meeting Nohelia."

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